Thread Button Bits
Thread Button Bits
Thread Button Bits
Thread Button Bits
Thread Button Bits
Thread Button Bits
Thread Button Bits
  • Tophammer Thread Button Bits
  • R25 R32 R38 T38 T45 T51 ST58 ST68 GT60
  • Head Diameter; Thread; Button Shapes
Product description
Thread Button Bits
Flushing Groove:
Flushing Groove:
A. Designed to remove cuttings more efficiently.
B. Deeper and larger grooves provide smooth flushing and removes material faster
C. Provides longer tool life.
Steel Grade: Sweden and USA Imported Steels.
Thread At Bit End: R, T, ST, GT Threads.
Tungsten Carbides:
A. Continuous improvements and new tungsten carbide grades
B. For a variety of ground conditions, we offer a variety of tungsten carbide grades and shapes.
Carbide shape variety
Round :Utility carbide shape. Strong configuration against carbide fracture

Semi ballistic Combined wear resistance and high penetration rate. Recommended for medium- hard rock with moderate abrasitivity.

Ballistic: Higher penetrating carbide shape than Semi ballistic shape. Recommended for soft rock.

Spike: Highest penetrating carbide shape. *Weak configuration against carbide fracture. Recommended for soft to medium- hard rock.
Flushing Hole Variety & Skirt Variety
V: Face flushing hole, normal flushing hole design.
W: Face and side flushing hole, effective in case of plugged face flushing hole.
S: Straight Skirt, normal bit skirt design.
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