• Top Hammer Drill Couplings
  • Tophammer Coupling
  • Coupling with standard design; Cross over coupling with Female or Male-Female thread
  • Diameter; Thread; Length; Design Types
Product description
Three Different Types of Couplings for customer Choice:
Three Different Types of Couplings for customer Choice:
A. Standard Couplings.
B. Full Bridge or Semi Bridge Couplings.
C. Crossover MF Adapter Couplings.
Coupling Sleeves Details:
Coupling Sleeve Threads: R22 R25 R28 R32 SR35 T38 T45 T51 ST58 ST68 GT60.
Coupling Sleeve Length: 140mm-250mm.
Coupling Sleeve Diameter: 33mm-76mm
Drifting & Tunnelling Tools
Tunnelling engineers around the world turn to China rock drilling tools for their tunnelling and blasthole drilling needs. Wuxue City Yangtze River Tools offers a complete range of tools for drifting and tunnelling projects ranging from mining to dams and other civil engineering projects. Select the Wuxue KingLong drilling system that you want to integrate into your drilling operation, or choose the individual component that completes your current rock drillingsystem.
Our drifting and tunnelling tools include hex and round cross- section rods in different lengths, drill bits, couplings, and reaming equipment.
Various Different Size and Different Quality Requirement
A. Flexible Supplying Plan to make your purchasing much more fun than before.
B. Never Ever fast response to every customer saving your precious time for ever.
C. Special Order proceed in advance without down payment give you 100% confidence and trust care.
D. We accept customer tailer-made order based on samples or drawings.
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