Down The Hole RC Hammers & Bits
Down The Hole RC Hammers & Bits
Down The Hole RC Hammers & Bits
Down The Hole RC Hammers & Bits
Down The Hole RC Hammers & Bits
Down The Hole RC Hammers & Bits
  • Reverse Circulation Drilling Accessories
  • Reverse Circulation Hammers; Reverse Circulation Button Bits
  • RE531 RE035 RE540 RE004 RE542 RE543 etc
  • Atlas Copco Sandvik
Product description
Down The Hole RC Hammers & Bits
Hammer Structure
Hammer Structure
Connection Types: Blank, Drillstar, Metzke, Remet, Metzke/Remet , Drillcorp.
Connection Size: 33’’=30; 3 1/2’’=35; 4’’=40; 4 1/2’’=45
Bits Structure
Hammer Models: RE531 RE542/543 RE035 RE540 RE040 RE545 RE547 RE052 RE054
Face Types: Cross Flow; Drop Centre; Hard Formation; Hard Formation Deviation Control; Ballis-tic

Our reverse circulation hammers are specifically designed for all kinds of exploration drilling (deep hole and in-pit grade control applications). Whether you are exploring potential sites or working an existing mine, the China KING-LONG RC hammer will guarantee high performance, exceptional reliability and dependable support
KING-LONG RC hammers
are essentially the same as conventional DTH hammers, but with an inner-tube that runs through the centre of the entire hammer.
• The cuttings are collected in the holes in the front of the bit and confined and transported in the inner-tube.
• The flushing is in-between the splines of the bit and the chuck.
• The inner-tube is a wearing component and is replaced easily through the top of the hammer.
• In all RC hammers the inner-tube assembly can be removed without removing the backhead.
Reverse Circulation Drilling Button Bits
Model            Bit Diameter mm(in)
RE531            86-102 (3 3/8-4)
RE035            86-102 (3 3/8-4)
RE540            111-121 (4 3/8- 4 3/4)
RE004            114-121 (4 1/2- 5 3/4)
RE542            114-133 ( 4 1/2- 5 1/4)
RE545            123-140 ( 4 7/8-5 1/2 )
RE040            127-137 ( 5-5 1/2)
RE052            133-143 ( 5 1/4-5 5/8)
RE547            133-146 ( 5 1/4-5 3/4)
RE054            137-146 ( 5 3/8-3/4)
RE140            137-146 ( 5 3/8-5 3/4)
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