Road Milling Picks
Road Milling Picks
Road Milling Picks
Road Milling Picks
Road Milling Picks
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Product description
Road Milling Picks
Road Milling Picks
Road Milling Picks
A. Standard body with high impact abrasion resistance.
B. For medium to hard condition.
Picks for Surface Mining
Mounted on surface miner and suitable for various ground conditions.
KING-LONG can design picks for different geological applications.
Advantages of KING-LONG Foundation Drilling Picks:
A.Higher Grade Tungsten Carbides.
B.Higher Brazing Quality.
C.Excellent Rotation in partnership with any other international brands holders too.
D.Advanced Heat Treatment technology providing ideal abrasive and impact resistance.
E.Excellent designs has both strength and penetration.
Surface Mining When You’re Doing More Than Scratching the Surface
If your method of surface mining is drilling and blasting, you’re doing more than scratching the surface. You’re blowing it up and spending a lot of time, money, and resources cleaning it up. You need a better solution.
Surface mining with surface miner drums and cutting bits lets you go beyond scratching the surface with more control and less cost. You mine only the area of the mineral deposit (blasting requires a wider range for the debris field).
There’s no drilling or blasting, storing explosives, or downtime between these operations. You’re moving, mining, and making money.
What’s more, eliminating drilling and blasting eliminates major safety concerns for workers and surrounding communities. Surface mining with drums and cutting teeth is not only economical, it’s eco-friendly, too.
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