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The Declaration of China-made Rock Drilling Consumables
Date: Jun 10, 2019
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 "Good Quality of China-made Rock Drilling Tools are not Expensive at all"

Customers want to buy the proper good for their rock drilling business, not buying diamonds

''Are you buying Brand names or the real good quality rock drilling consumables?''

We are not as famous as the rock drilling rigs manufacturers in Europe but our tools are tough too. 

''You will know our quality as long as you give yourself a chance to test it on rocks. ''

You will never know the taste of an apple without tasting it. 

''China-made Rock Drilling Tools quality is not stable and change all the time?''

No, that is not real situation of China Rock Drilling Tools, we have more than 50 Years experience. 

''Where are our customers from all around the world and what quality they like ours best?''

98% of our clients are from Mine owners and good quality rock drilling tools sales agents.

''What is the real difference of rock drilling tools between China-made and Europe made?'

 China-made needs a brand new future in this world and China-made is not always cheap and low.

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