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Customers of KINGLONG Drills
Date: Jul 23, 2019
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KingLong Drills Customer Locations: United States of America, Canada, Saudi Arabia, Iran, Peru, Chile, Indonesia, Australia, etc. 
Business Range: Construction Projects, Tunneling Projects, Mining Blasting borehole Drilling, Production Drilling , Developing Drilling. 
More Questions Contact: Y.Bart@kinglongdrills.com WhatsApp +8613907256287 www.kinglongdrills.com 


Briefly Introduction About who we are and what we can do and we are supplying now:

KingLong Drills is a brand name of Wuxue Changjiang(Yangtze River) Tools company which has more than 50 Years of Rock Drilling Tools Manufacturing Experience  in China, our factory is beside Changjiang River, that is why our name is Yangtze River Tools, and our brand KingLong means every customer in our mind is our KING and we LONG for. 


Products that we are supplying and manufacturing. 


1) Horizontal Directional DrillingProducts for any type of directional drilling conditions.


2) Handheld equipments: Underground rock drills; Tapered equipment – for underground and dimensional drilling


3) Tophammer underground and surface drilling tools.


4) Down-the-hole Drilling tools.


5) Rotary drilling tools.


6) Raiseboring tools.


7) Exploration drilling tools and Ground support.


8) Geotechnical drilling tools. 




Fast Inquiry Contact Info:


Mr Young

Sales General Manager of KING-LONG Drills

Company Name: Wuxue City Changjiang Tools Co., Ltd. 

M/WhatsApp: +86 139 0725 6287

W/ www.kinglongdrills.com  

E-mail/ Y.Bart@kinglongdrills.com