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How To Choose Rock Drilling Bits Carbide Configurations ?
Date: 2019-05-17 18:17:27
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Most face designs for button bits are offered in multiple carbide configurations and typically differ in diameter, shape, gauge angles and quantity. There are some general guidelines to follow while selecting between multiple carbide configurations including resistance to wear, penetration rate, vibration, and specific rock conditions.

Carbide shape variety (Round/Spherical Hemispherical Domed Crown ): Utility carbide shape. Strong configuration against carbide fracture.

(Semi parabolic Semi ballistic ) : Combined wear resistance and high penetration rate. Recommended for medium-hard rock with moderate abrasive resistance.

(Parabolic Ballistic ) Higher penetrating carbide shape than Semi ballistic/parabolic shape. Recommended for soft rock.

(Spike Rocket) : Highest penetrating carbide shape. Weak configuration against carbide fracture. Recommended for soft to medium-hard rock.