Wuxue Yangtze River
Tools Co.,Ltd.
was established
in March 1970s
About us
A State-owned and professional manufacturer engaged in the designing, producing and has a long history influence of China rock drilling tools for nearly 50 years.

The company is located in Wuxue City, East part of Hubei Province. It has more than 200 employees and produces nearly 2 million pieces of various types of rock drilling tools. It is a member of China Brazing Steel Drilling Association. The factory-produced (KING-LONG) brand rock drilling tools are famous brand products and also a famous trademark in Hubei Province.
Every personnel in our factory has more than 10 years of sophisticated experience either in the field of producing rock drilling tools or providing professional service and understand your drilling needs, and have the service skills to recommend the right drill bits and accessories for the job.
In the world of China Rock Drilling Tools only low price and a little higher price, being higher price just isn’t an option for us. Continuous improvement, product quality and service is our permanent job because we believe ‘’there are always lower price suppliers, but fortunately we are not a part of that world.
Our products undergo
extensive laboratory studies and are tested fully in the field.
After continuous evaluation they are refined to provide the highest quality that stand for the KING-LONG name.
Manufacturer and Supplier of Best Quality Rock Drilling Consumables MADE IN CHINA.
With a significantly stronger carbide matrix and a perfect grain size configuration, we are able to deliver superior toughness and high wear temperature resistance to meet the needs of a great number of our customers’ operations.